Reading Game (Languages: English, Spanish, German) with Pronunciation

With this educational quiz your child can test its reading skills and learn new words in a fun way by drawing on an animated blackboard. Languages English, Spanish and German are available.

Pictures have to be touched and connected with one of four words. There are 252 (free version 18) daily life images available, of which an adjustable number are randomly assigned to a game.

If a picture is connected correctly, the item will be pronounced (since version 3.0.0).

To increase the learning curve incorrect terms are displayed again and are shown at the beginning of the next game before the randomly selected items.

A funny, animated finger indicates wrong answers. As a reward the result is shown at the end and applause is visible and hearable in various intensities.

Possible settings include language selection (English, Spanish or German), number of items per game and disabling of sound effects.

High resolution images for the iPhone/iPod with Retina display are included.

Reading Game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod in the Apple App Store.

The app Dictionary for Children is a useful supplement. It features pronunciation in English, Spanish and German and uses the same pictures in colors.

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