Dictionary for Children with Pronunciation

This picture book allows your child to audition visually represented terms in multiple languages (see box at bottom for available languages).

The languages may be turned on individually or together, so that pronunciations can be heard one after the other. Subtitles support reading abilities.

There are 252 (free version 18) daily life images available which are divided into the 9 categories animals, food, house, leisure time, nature, people, school & office, tools & devices, traffic.

The video function enables automatic page flipping with pronunciation, perfect for a child’s relaxed entertainment.

Simple to use – with just a touch or a swipe. The transitions between pages are animated in the style of a picture book.

Possible settings include language selection, disabling of pronunciation and/ or subtitles.

High resolution images for the iPhone/iPod with Retina display are included.

Dictionary for Children with Pronunciation is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod in the Apple App Store.

The app Reading Game (Languages: English, Spanish, German) is a useful supplement. It is an educational quiz which uses the same images and also includes the languages English, Spanish and German. The images have to be connected with possible solutions on a blackboard.

Language Combinations
English only (US pronunciation) Free version Full version
English (US pronunciation) – Spanish (Mexican) – German Free version Full version

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