Balloon Snake – Pop Balloons by Controlling a Bird with the Accelerometer or by Touching

Try to pop as many balloons as possible that have the right color. But watch out for the little bird playing with the balloon attached to the sign that indicates the correct color. Visitors will throw eggs when wrong balloons are popped and will eventually hit the little bird. Do what you can to save it.

There are two game types:

KIDS’ BALLOONS makes use of touching balloons with your finger.

With BIRDS’ BALLOONS the app becomes the currently best balloon popping game for Apple devices and a challenge for every age. Accelerometer steering (tilting the device) comes into play and is used to control an additional bird to pop the balloons. But be aware of the black bird.


★ Realistic, physical simulation (gravity, wind, …)
★ Internal leaderboards for competing on one device
★ Global leaderboards for competing online (Game Center, OpenFeint)
★ Animated introduction to explain the game
★ Above-your-head playing: Accelerometer steering (with BIRDS’ BALLOONS) was developed to be used also when lying
★ HD graphics for iPad Retina (2048 x 1536 pixels) & iPhone Retina

Balloon Snake for iPhone, iPad, iPod is presented to you by Snakestein and can be downloaded in the Apple App Store.

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